About the Court

The Ottawa County Municipal Court is located at 1860 East Perry Street, Port Clinton, Ohio. The Honorable Frederick C. Hany II currently serves as the Judge of the Ottawa County Municipal Court and has served in this capacity since 1991. The Ottawa County Municipal Court has jurisdiction within all of Ottawa County which encompasses one city, seven villages and twelve townships. The Court handles all traffic and criminal misdemeanors committed within the limits of Ottawa County and as well felony cases to determine whether probable cause exists to bind an accused over to the Court of Common Pleas.

The Ottawa County Municipal Court also hears civil cases where the amount claimed by any party, or the appraised value of the personal property sought to be recovered, does not exceed fifteen thousand dollars. This includes any proceeding based on a contract, personal injury, sale of personal property, landlord-tenant matters, garnishment, or attachment proceedings.

Judge Hany has the authority and discretion to perform marriage ceremonies, take acknowledgment of deeds, and administer oaths.

All misdemeanor cases are heard by the Judge, however, if the violation has a fine in excess of $1000.00 or a possible jail term, the accused is entitled to have his case heard by a jury of eight citizens.

Judge Hany also oversees the duties of the Court's Probation Department. The Probation Department administers the Court's security program, diversion program, work release program, community service work program and the pre-sentence investigation program.

The Clerk of the Municipal Court is appointed by the Judge and is responsible for processing all cases including those processed by its Traffic Violations Bureau. These duties include issuing subpoenas; accounting for all fines, bonds and costs; and reporting necessary traffic information to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

During his tenure, Judge Hany has created numerous innovative and effective programs which have resulted in a more efficient administration of justice for the citizens of Ottawa County. He created and established the Ottawa County Municipal Court Mediation Program. This Mediation Program is a voluntary and private process by which an impartial court appointed Mediator facilitates an "out-of-court" settlement and resolution of a disagreement between the disputing parties. The mediation program is provided as a free service to the public.

Judge Hany has instituted the "Probation Department Ride-Along" program, with local law enforcement officers, which allows the Court's Probation Officers to supervise court defendants more efficiently.

Judge Hany has also established as a pilot program, an educational internship for high school students interested in pursuing a career in law.

The Ottawa County Municipal Court Operates Under Title 19 of the Ohio Revised Code.